Memory Quilts

A memory quilt is a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations of your family. It captures precious moments with that loved one who is gone but never forgotten. You will wrap yourself like a hug in their clothing, which I will stitch together in a unique and memorable quilt. It can be used and washed just like clothing. Take it on a picnic, or a road trip or just have it on your favorite chair when you are ready to relax with a good book. This quilt will bring you peace and comfort.


I can create many interesting designs with your loved one’s clothing. I find it best and cost effective to keep it simple. Above are a few popular designs I have used in the past. Add a label to the back marking the quilts meaning and date. You can have a photo of your loved one with a phrase they said to make this quilt even more memorable. The choices are endless. Let’s create a unique quilt inspired by your loved one.




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